Each exhibit in this class will be COLLECTIVE AND COMPLETE. It shall be as diversified as possible and contain products and articles sufficient to demonstrate the various projects of the chapter (except Canning). 1. Each exhibit must be credible, must utilize the space provided, and must be found worthy of the premium offered. Exhibit can win more than one award and premium. 2. Each exhibit will occupy a space of eight-foot frontage. Exhibitors are to construct the background to suit their requirements. Depth of exhibit: 8 feet; height: 6 feet; side height: 4 feet. 3. All exhibits must have been constructed and designed since the last Santa Rosa County Fair. The majority of the exhibit's construction and design should be the work of students. Any exhibit utilizing materials from a previous SRC Fair exhibit must make obvious changes in the theme, content, or design. Entering an exhibit, which competed in another contest during the last 12 months, will be allowed if it was the work of the same students. 4. Entry Forms should be submitted as soon as possible. The deadline for submitting an entry form is one week before the Fair’s opening day. All exhibitors who do not submit an entry form as specified may be allowed to display their exhibits only if space is available, but they will not be judged nor eligible for any award. See the General rules for requirements, dates, and times • Feel free to email me at exhibits@srcfair.com if you have any questions. SCORE FOR JUDGING A total of 1000 points is the official amount of points that can be received by the exhibitor. There will be six areas in which these points may be received. They are as follows: 1. Educational/Agricultural Theme 100 points possible A. Each club should choose one educational/agricultural theme for its exhibit. B. The theme should be based on some phase of the total agricultural program. C. Is it appropriate? D. Does it reach the viewer with a message? E. Does it challenge the viewer? F. Are signs free of spelling errors? G. Does the exhibit present one main idea? H. Is adequate explanation given? 2. Originality 100 points possible A. Is the display new or different? B. Is there a new twist to an old idea? C. Is there a clever or unique idea presented? D. Does the exhibit arouse and hold the viewer's interest? 3. Most Effective Use of Explanatory Materials 100 points possible A. Does the arrangement of materials allow logical sequence of thought? B. Does the exhibit give the viewer a better understanding of and appreciation for the resources or services of an FFA program or chapter, or of a particular agricultural or industrial enterprise of the FFA? C. Each club should strive to use its materials so that the exhibit will be educational, neat, clean, eye catching, and easy for the viewer to understand. 4. Appearance 100 points possible A. Is the display neat, attractive, clean, free from clutter, and unified? B. Is there a center of interest? C. Is the display balanced? D. Simplified? E. Is the exhibit space used to its best advantage? 5. Artistic Qualities 100 points possible A. Is there a good choice of color and decorations? B. Is there a good choice in size and type of lettering used on posters? C. Are posters easy to read? D. Consider quality of workmanship, purpose or use, and appropriateness. E. Is an ATTENTION GETTER used effectively? (Such as motion, light design,figures, color and special features.) 6. Marketable Products 500 points possible Exhibit should have diversification and a variety of at least FIVE of the following: 1. Corn 2. Hay, Grain, or Forage 3. Vegetables 4. Sugar Cane and Syrup 5. Nuts and Fruits 6. Soybeans, Cotton or Peanuts 7. Forestry (No commercial products to be used) 8. Apiary Products (No live bees are allowed) 9. Ornamental Plants
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* may be a Club, Organization, or Committee representing its school ** may be a County Farm, Community, Organization, Club, Individual, or any Nonprofit Group
Preregistration required due to space limitations. See the General Rules for requirements, sizes, dates, and times.
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