1. Open to any School in Santa Rosa County, or any Club or Organization representing a school. 2. The exhibit shall include the School name, and the Sponsoring Club or Organization, if any. 3. See Rules for information on size and deadline. Entry Forms should be submitted as soon as possible. The deadline for submitting an entry form is one week before the Fair’s opening day. All exhibitors who do not submit an entry form as specified may be allowed to display their exhibits only if space is available, but they will not be judged nor eligible for any award. See the General rules for requirements, dates, and times • Feel free to email me at exhibits@srcfair.comif you have any questions. 4. All exhibits must have been constructed and designed since the last Santa Rosa County Fair. The majority of the exhibit's construction and design should be the work of the students. Any exhibit utilizing materials from a previous SRC Fair exhibit must make obvious changes in the theme, content, or design. Entering an exhibit, which competed in another contest during the last 12 months, will be allowed if it was the work of the same students currently entering. SCORE FOR JUDGING POINTS 1. Educational Theme 50 points possible a. Is it appropriate? b. Does it deliver a message? c. Is adequate explanation given? 2. Originality 25 points possible a. Is there an original or unique idea? b. Does it have Eye Appeal? 3. Appearance 25 points possible a. Is the display neat, clean and free from clutter? b. Is the space used to its best advantage? c. Is there a center of interest? TOTAL SCORE 100
Exhibit Info
* may be a Club, Organization, or Committee representing its school ** may be a County Farm, Community, Organization, Club, Individual, or any Nonprofit Group
Preregistration required due to space limitations. See the General Rules for requirements, sizes, dates, and times.
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