Each exhibit in this class is open to any scout organization (i.e. troop, pack, brownie, etc.) Ribbons will be awarded to both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Entry Forms should be submitted as soon as possible. The deadline for submitting an entry form is one week before the Fair’s opening day. All exhibitors who do not submit an entry form as specified may be allowed to display their exhibits only if space is available, but they will not be judged nor eligible for any award. See the General rules for requirements, dates, and times •Feel free to email me at if you have any questions. 1. Each exhibit should have educational value in scouting and be arranged to summarize an activity or work accomplished by the group participating. 2. Scout organization exhibiting must assume all responsibilities for placing and removing the exhibits. All display apparatus (or material) such as tables, cards, models and other articles are to be provided by exhibitor. 3. EACH EXHIBITOR MUST provide a suitable sign to identify the object or article and description thereof, easily distinguished or read which may be done by members of the scout organization or by a professional painter. 4. Articles to be used for settings or decorative purposes in connection with the exhibit may be borrowed from merchants or other sources (with no mention shown) and will not be counted against the exhibitor. 5. Exhibiting scout organization shall make arrangements to keep devices (if any) in working order and booth cleaned so as to present a credible appearance for the duration of the fair. SCORE FOR JUDGING 1. Presents a Pleasing Appearance 30 points possible A. Appearance 1a. Neat and attractive 2a. Uncrowded and uncluttered 3a. Space used to good advantage B. Artistic Quality 1b. Balance and harmony 2b. Line and color 3b. All parts in proportion C. Effective Caption 1c. Short and catchy 2c. Well worded and placed 3c. Lettering neat, clean and suitable 4c. Free from spelling errors 2. Interest 25 points possible 2a. The exhibit presents an idea, clearly expressed, with adequate explanation. 2b. Something unusual. An "attention getter" is used, such as motion, light, clever design, color, figures, special features, or attendant. 3. Educational Value 45 points possible In terms of the objectives of Scouting: 3a. Shows one or more unique contributions or specifies outcomes which benefit students, home, family, and/or community. 3b. Illustrates one of the purposes of Scouting. 3c. Does the observer leave the exhibit with a compelling interest in some phase of Scouting? TOTAL SCORE 100
Exhibit Info
* may be a Club, Organization, or Committee representing its school ** may be a County Farm, Community, Organization, Club, Individual, or any Nonprofit Group
Preregistration required due to space limitations. See the General Rules for requirements, sizes, dates, and times.
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