Entry Forms should be submitted as soon as possible. The deadline for submitting an entry form is one week before the Fair’s opening day. All exhibitors who do not submit an entry form as specified may be allowed to display their exhibits only if space is available, but they will not be judged nor eligible for any award. See the General rules for requirements, dates, and times Feel free to email me at exhibits@srcfair.com if you have any questions. 1. Entry in the handicrafts division is open to the general public. There will be a separate division for Adults, Children ages 18 and under, and Developmentally Disabled Adults ages 18 and over. All contestants must submit an entry form prior to the Fair. 2. Handicraft articles must have been made by the exhibitors and completed within the year. 3. NO WEARABLE CLOTHING, other than Hand knit, Smocked, Quilted or Crocheted will be accepted for exhibit. 4. All exhibits must be clean. Categories: 1. Hand needle Crafts (embroidery, needle point, plastic canvas, crochet, knitting, tatting) 2. Quilting (Machine or Hand) 3. Machine Sewing (baby items, doll clothes, machine embellishments including machine embroidery or smocking) 4. Home Furnishing (curtains, blankets, pillows, pillow cases, spreads, rugs, etc.) 5. Handicrafts (etched metal items, lamps, purses, stools, hats, basketry, leather articles, jewelry, woven items, pine needle items, hand painted items, macramé, candles) 6. Ceramics and Pottery 7. Woodworking 8. Fine Art (Drawing, Paintings, Batiks) 9. Miscellaneous (Items that do not fit any other category) SCORE FOR JUDGING HANDICRAFTS: Quality of Workmanship 30 points possible Selection of Material 25 points possible Design 25 points possible Originality 20 points possible TOTAL SCORE 100 Each individual is limited to 5 entries- Individuals may enter the categories of their choice.
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