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Funding for Phase II of the AGRI-PLEX is provided 100% by the Florida State Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.
Under Fl. Statute 288, a qualified fair association may apply and receive funding to build infrastructure associated with an agriculture and education facility.  The facilities may take many forms ranging from open air fairgrounds to civic centers.  This project is designed to, from a usage perspective, integrate the existing amenities available within East Milton Recreation Park; however, improvements delivered with this funding will be built upon County owned land which the Santa Rosa County Fair Association has leased adjacent to the park.  The project planning team has and is looking at peripheral design benefits to build resiliency from an emergency management perspective and to supplement local economic development infrastructure planning goals to the extent allowed by the contract.
The fiscal agent for the project is the Santa Rosa County Fair Association, Inc. 501(c)(3) The funding source is the State of Florida.  Santa Rosa County will provide oversight through its existing planning department, engineering department, and building department permitting controls.  To be more clear, Santa Rosa County Procurement will not be handling the bids for this project.
Consequently, the Santa Rosa County Fair Association, Inc. will be responsible for selecting contractors to perform work through a bid process and contracting directly with them.  The Santa Rosa County Fair Association, Inc. will approve all invoices to  ensure all work meets the approval of Santa Rosa County and the State of Florida consistent with its contract.  
Contractors should expect the Santa Rosa County Fair Association, Inc. to actively research the qualifications, solvency, and performance history of all vendors submitting bids and to factor each assessment into the decisions to award bids.  Additionally, potential bid responders should expect a scoring process to be applied that includes but is not limited to scores for the ability to perform, timeliness of project completion, guarantee of no change orders, capacity to wait 60 days for payment to allow for quality control and approvals of work completed by all jurisdictions, and history of community development work within Santa Rosa County.    
Interviews may be used as a final element in the selection of vendors.  
Questions may be directed to Kyle Holley, project manager, by calling 850-712-8788.  Donations of capital to supplement the project budget are welcome.  There will be naming opportunities available within and throughout the project area. We look forward to hearing from donors.
All bids will be submitted, reviewed and stored within the Santa Rosa County Extension Office.       
Bid 1- Clearing, grading, and seeding the project area
Bid 2- Fencing the project area
Bid 3- Utilities design and construction
Bid 4- Structural improvements design and construction
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