Bids due in Monday, November 6, 2017 No Later than Noon


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Addendum 1

The Santa Rosa County Fair Association, Inc. 501 (c) (3) is a privately funded non-profit, tax exempt organization that does not receive any revenue from the local government. Revenue for the organization comes from the successful promotion of revenue generating events, sponsorships from local businesses and donors who believe in its mission: to promote agriculture through special events.    The Santa Rosa County Fair Association, Inc. has no paid employees and is managed by a voluntary Board of Directors made of local agriculture enthusiasts, youth education enthusiast, and community development professionals.
The Santa Rosa County Fair Association, Inc. works in partnership with the Board of County Commissioners of Santa Rosa County who value the annual impact of local agriculture and support agriculture education outreach throughout the County and region.  The Board of County Commissioners have designated an area of County owned land as the site for an innovative, affordable, and diverse fairground; known as the AGRI-PLEX.
  The AGRI-PLEX is positioned within and adjacent to the East Milton Recreational Park at 8600 Bobby Brown Rd. just to the northeast of the intersection of State Hwy 87 and State Hwy 90 north of Interstate 10 exit 31.  The project area borders two industrial parks areas; the Santa Rosa County Industrial Park and the Santa Rosa County Industrial Park East. Zoning for the project site is P2 allowing for the construction of fairgrounds. 
  The Santa Rosa County Fair Association, Inc. serves as the management entity and fiscal agent of the Santa Rosa County AGRI-PLEX for the Board of County Commissioners.  To be clear, Santa Rosa County controls the schedule of improvements and site improvements through its permitting procedures but the fair association funds the specific improvements and manages the design needs of the improvements to support the anticipated programming.  The Santa Rosa County Fair Association has procured funding from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to build an agriculture education and promotion facility. Consequently, the Santa Rosa County Fair Association, Inc. will handle the bidding process instead of Santa Rosa County’s procurement office. Some of the AGRI-PLEX project has already been built.  Phase I included the June Ates Covered arena and the initial construction elements of Phase II included the construction of livestock barns.
   This request for proposals is to construct the last structure included in the site plan for Phase II; the exhibit/event hall.  The planning team is recommending roughly a 7200 square foot metal building that is heated and cooled.  The planning team has developed a possible floor plan and exterior elevation to assist contractors in their response to this request for design/build solutions.  Attached are the drawings against which the evaluation of proposals will be judged.  
Images of the floor plan and exterior elevation are posted on the Santa Rosa County Fair website
   The scope of work shall include all work necessary to receive a certificate of occupancy for the building contracted by the Santa Rosa County Fair.  The work shall include all architectural, engineering, permitting, and construction work needed to complete requirements of the local jurisdiction.
   The singular outcome shall be a fully completed building with a certificate of occupancy. Performance and corrective action shall be the duty of the contractor chosen.
The contract term shall be from September 19, 2017 through March 1, 2018.
   Payment shall be provided initially by the Santa Rosa County Fair for mobilization with an advance from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  The full payment schedule will be negotiated in the contract development phase but for assurance each additional payment identified with approved invoices will be paid with State funds provided to the SRC Fair and then to the contractor within 60 days.  Incentives and penalties will be negotiated during the contract development phase.
   All bids should be on letterhead and presented with a copy of the contractor’s license when submitted to the attention of the Santa Rosa County Fair, Inc. in care of Mrs. Prudence Caskey at the Santa Rosa County Extension Office, 6263 Dogwood Dr., Milton, FL 32570.  Questions should not be addressed to the extension office but rather to the project manager, Kyle Holley (850) 712-8788. Contractors will score higher for detailed cost projections.  Exterior elevations and floor plans should be attached to the proposals.  A history of completing jobs on time should be included along with references.
  Proposals shall be due on September 29, 2017; approximately one week past the pre-bid contractor’s meeting scheduled for September 6, 2017.
   The evaluation and award process shall be facilitated by a scoring rubric of the executive committee of the SRC Fair, Inc. monitored by the project manager who shall not have scoring ability.  
   Completion date March 1, 2018 1-5 pts 6-10 pts 11-15 pts 16-20 pts
Square footage closest to 7200 6000 sq ft
1-5 6500 sq ft
6-10 pts 7200 sq ft
11-15 pts 7500 sq ft
16-20 pts
Floor Plan Does not meet programing needs
1-5 pts Meets programming needs 6-10 pts Exceeds programming needs 11-15 pts Exceeds programming needs/includes exceptional design 16-20 pts
estimates operational costs Up to 5 pts
History of completing jobs on time Up to 5 pts
Local contractor Up to 10 pts
   The review team reserves the right to include interviews of the top scoring bids and the right to negotiate price and terms before making any decision.  The review team reserves the right not to accept the least expensive bid. 
   The primary guiding principle is to deliver by March 2018 a completed building that can be occupied for the Spring fair in April 2018 in which statutory exhibit requirements for a qualified fair association can be met.
Questions should be directed to the project manager Kyle Holley 850-712-8788.
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