Hi Mike!!  
Hope you're having a great summer!!..Kaleb, Marley and I are in Colorado right now but expect to head back sometime soon.   Thank again for the opportunity to help out at and enjoy your county fair!!

Teri Bennett


Dear Mr. Kite

...just wanted to tell you what a great time we had on Saturday.  Didn't really feel like work at all.  It was a beautiful day and the fairgrounds are awesome.  You all did a great job.  Thank you again for the opportunity!


Teri, Kaleb and Marley
P.S. We were really cheering for you in the egg eating contest!!!

Mr. Kite,

On behalf of my daughters, I want to thank you for doing this for them.  This will continue to encourage them to give back to their communities. I believe in positively reinforcing children as that is what they remember and react better to.  I am blessed with wonderfully big hearted daughters who have the natural tendency to be compassionate and kind, when they are rewarded for this behavior it encourages more of it (and I like that behavior).  If there is anything in the future that we could help out with just shoot me an email.

Thanks again,
Renae Avallone

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